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Panhandle Wraps is the most affordable and reliable business for vehicle wraps in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia or the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a partial car wrap, trailer wrap, boat wrap, full cargo van wrap, or an entire fleet of semi trailer wraps, we can handle them all! We also do custom signs, vehicle advertising, vinyl lettering, vinyl graphics, camo wraps, murals and vinyl signs! We offer full service designing, printing and installation.
If you can drive it or tow it, we can wrap it in a full color vinyl graphic design.

We have Marketing professionals that understand how to make your business grow and Graphic designers that know how to make your vehicle glow!

Promote Your Business

Color/Paint Wraps

Wall Murals

What is a vehicle wrap? 

Vehicle wrapping is a method in which a extremely durable vinyl material is custom printed with your company information,  advertisement, image, graphic or lettering.  This vinyl sheet is then laminated in a protective clear coat with UV buffering.  These sheets are then applied to your entire vehicle by our trained vehicle wrap installation specialists. This is a much more effective way to sell your company or service and it can last for up to twenty years.  Your vehicle wrap is a very cost effective way to increase your sales and visibility by converting your vehicles into mobile billboards.  We also offer partial wraps and lettering. 

You can install our custom made wall murals on most any smooth surface like sheetrock, glass, mirror, sheet metal, garage doors, patio doors, ceilings and more.

Do you have a blank wall that you would like to make come alive?  We have just the solution.  We can create a wall of any image or photograph you would like.  Our process creates a seamless image 60 inches by 50 feet long/wide or we can join many panels together like wall paper and create a complete 4 wall, top to bottom transformation of ANY size room.  Our installers can install your wall mural or you can do it yourself with our step by step wall mural installation kit.  Makes a great gift idea for the person who has everything.

What is a paint-wrap? 

A paint wrap is an alternative method of changing all or part of your vehicles current color scheme. Many people do this to create a unique look for their prized possession and to make their car stand out.   This is also a great idea for protecting leased vehicles and for creating a uniform look to a current mismatched fleet.  Many more colors and finishes are available, such as matte black, chrome and metallic carbon fiber!  We can do just parts of your vehicle as well.  Roofs, hoods, bumpers or window visors can all be done as graphics or solid colors/patterns.  Matte black, chrome or carbon fiber are very popular finishes!